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Why do some garage doors fail more often than others?  Why is your garage door always failing to work despite your best efforts?  These are questions we get asked a lot, and the answer to them isn’t simple.  However, generally speaking, we’ve seen garage doors fail because they weren’t installed correctly. Many times, the reason is that it was incorrectly repaired by people who were not professionals.  At times the parts replaced were defective, and if the parts were fine, the root cause of the problem was not addressed.  All of this can lead to chronic problems.  That’s why our garage door repair in Camano Island is different.  We take a different approach to garage door repair.

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Camano Island Garage Door Repair By Elite Garage Door

Elite Garage Door’s approach is to find the root cause of the problem.  Many times when we get called by homeowners in Camano Island, it is because something like the garage door opener is stuck or they can smell burning.  Generally, it isn’t just the opener which is at fault.  At times the door could be sticking which puts lots of stress on the opener causing it to fail before it should.  When both issues are fixed our clients rarely if ever will face the same problem again

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Professional Garage Door Repair in Camano Island

Never trust your garage door’s repair and maintenance to professionals who don’t understand what they are doing.  Many times, a newbie service will end up doing more damage to the garage door than any good. Plus, hiring a cheap service or one with little credibility can cost you more than it can potentially save.  So, it is always a good idea to hire professionals like us to fix and install a garage door.

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We Know That Fixing Your Garage Door Is A Number One Priority.

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When you call us our approach is to find and fix the problem, and what is causing it ASAP.  If parts need to be replaced, we do that with only the best components available.  Generally, these will be OEM parts or the best aftermarket solutions.  Finally, we check everything is working correctly before leaving.  In our years of providing repair services, we’ve never been called to fix the same problem again.  Though it is that kind of reliability which has led to many of our new clients coming through referrals from satisfied clients.

Thorough Professional Garage Door Maintenance

The one way to extend the service life of any garage door is with maintenance. The same applies to any mechanical tool or item. For instance, like your car a garage door needs to be professionally examined every few years, it also needs to be lubricated, worn items need to be replaced, etc. When you hire professionals like us to handle that it extends the life of the garage door. Plus, it makes the door more reliable. So, it does not suddenly breakdown when you least expect it.

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