Now lifting a garage door with a broken spring is difficult; if anything doing it yourself can hurt your back. However, it is just as dangerous and challenging to fix when the Cables snap too. So, you have a lot more to worry about than just a broken garage door. Garage door cables break for a myriad of reasons, but most of all, because they are worn out. However, if the cable ever snaps, we discuss how you can lift the garage door yourself.

Position Yourself Under the Garage Door

The first thing you never want to do is try and lift a several hundred-pound garage door yourself, especially with cables which have broken off. You will at least want to get one friend or family member to help you lift.

Take a bench or a stool and place it near the closed garage door. Then pry it open using a crowbar, just enough so that you and your friend can get their hands underneath it. Next step is to lift at the same time with a vocal cue.

You then place the stool or the bench under the garage door and place it carefully on it, which should prevent the door from closing. Then take another bench or stool and place it on the other side of the garage door. Both of you should position yourself on the bench and lift the garage door completely into the open position.

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Prevent the Garage Door from Breaking

One of the ways you can prevent the garage door cables from breaking is to invest in annual professional maintenance. Professional maintenance ensures that if the cables are wearing out, it can be detected, with the cables replaced in a timely fashion.

Also, when it comes time to replace the garage door cables, always hire a company that uses the best quality cables. Garage Door Cables are under a tremendous amount of load owing to the weight of the garage door, so they need to be of the best quality. As a rule of thumb, thick cables should be used for wood and steel garage doors.

Don’t Attempt to Change Garage Door Cables Yourself

A garage door with a broken cable or set of cables is dangerous. As someone who is not a professional without professional equipment attempting to fix it can cause more harm than good. Despite the many tutorials you find online, trying to do it can cause several complications. Furthermore, you could be rendering your garage door unreliable, which is never a good thing.

Instead of lifting and fix a garage door cable yourself, call a team of reputed professionals to do it for you. It will help you save time, money, and frustration in the short and long-term.