We all know how important garage doors have become in this modern age. More specifically, commercial garage doors have gained a lot of investment potential. The choice you make regarding your garage door can affect both the security and durability of your business.

You should ensure that the garage door you opt for is durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Before you go running off buying a random garage door, however, you should consider the following buying tips that we have compiled.

What Commercial Overhead Garage Door Do You Want / Need?

What Commercial Overhead Garage Door Do You Want / Need?

1. What Commercial Overhead Garage Door Do You Want/Need?

One type of commercial garage door can’t just fit all doorframes. They usually come in two types.

Rolling Steel

This type is made from galvanized metal or aluminum. Therefore, you can expect it to last long-term without giving in to wear and tear. This door type is your go-to if you have a business requiring extra storage space.

Such businesses can include warehouses, auto shops, etc. Rolling steel doors can be both insulated and non-insulated.

Sectional Doors

Unlike rolling steel doors, sectional ones are built to be more secure, long-lasting, and efficient. They’re best suited for businesses with a lot of movement in and out the door.

Keep one thing in mind that both these types can be insulated and fireproof. You need to know what you are looking for!

2. How Much Traffic Is Expected To Pass Through The Door Daily?

This is a very crucial question. The amount of use you put your door through can determine its lifespan. Some businesses have a lot of traffic, and the door is expected to operate all day (sometimes all night). In such scenarios, getting a commercial garage door with high durability is best. It should be designed for constant use.

How Much Traffic Is Expected To Pass Through The Door Daily?

How Much Traffic Is Expected To Pass Through The Door Daily?

3. Is The Door You’re Considering Purchasing Up To Mark With Local Regulations?

Rules and regulations of the particular area of your business should always be kept in mind. Specific laws in Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Canada restrict the types of commercial garage doors allowed.

It would help if you always refer to such rules before purchasing. However, some people may find it hard to find or follow these regulations. If you are one of them, you can always hire a garage door company to help you out with the decision.

4. Does A Commercial Garage Door Ensure The Safety And Security Of Your Business?

One can’t just put up a door and expect it to be enough for their business’s security. To keep the stuff inside safe, you should consider adding locks, sensors, and alarms. After all, even if this extra security costs you some bucks, it can’t be as much as you might lose without this additional protection.

Therefore, add safety features to the list when considering commercial door options. If you like the one that isn’t up to the mark in terms of security, you can add it yourself later.

5. Is A Garage Door Opener Something You Need?

The commercial garage door you opt for should be able to perform the heavy lifting your business requires. That also includes opting for a garage door Opener With High Horsepower. The ones used in residential garage doors might not do the trick.

Some businesses have overhead doors made from quite heavy material. If yours is one of them, we highly recommend a power opener versus a manually operated opener.

Is A Garage Door Opener Something You Need

Is A Garage Door Opener Something You Need?

6. What Kind Of Visual Appearance Are You Looking For?

One of the essential requisites of a commercial garage door to be kept in mind includes appearance. It would help if you chose a door that both meets your needs and goes well with the building’s exterior. Just because it is an industrial door does not mean looks don’t matter.

How your door of choice complements, the building can highly affect your brand’s image. You want people to be attracted to your business’s exterior. After all, the first impression goes a long way in securing customers.

Therefore, no rusty, dented, or old garage doors for your business!

7. Getting Expert Advice

Sometimes, the availability of so many options can overwhelm a buyer. There are so many potentially good options in the market that it can be hard to decide which one to choose. In such cases, you should refer to a professional. Garage door companies have experts especially meant for this very purpose.

You can pay a visit to your local garage door company. An expert will help you go through all the possible options and narrow them down. Then, you can choose from the remaining options yourself.

Bottom Line

Purchasing a new garage door for your commercial business can become a real headache. To help you with this decision, we have compiled the best buying tips you could find here. Hopefully, this article will help you in your quest.