In most of the houses, the garage is the main entrance to enter the house. But, being the entryway into the home, the garage poses a threat o acting as an entrance for rodents like mice, roaches to enter into your house. Having pests in the house is painful and getting rid of them is a not so easy job. Also, having rodents in the garage means that the next place where you could find them is in the living room or the kitchen. Here are a few tips and tricks that can keep the pests away from the garage and your home.

Organizing the Garage

The more there are places for the pests to infest and hide the more difficult it is to clean and reorganize. Rodents always try to find spaces which are damp, dark and cluttered spaces where they can hide and start a colony without being seen. If your garage has a storage problem and space is cluttered with storage items, then spring clean up is important right now!
Spending time in knowing how shelving, slatwall system, cabinets can reorganize all the clutter is very important. Using tight boxes to organize decorations and seasonal items will make it harder for the rodents to find a place to invest. The more you clear out the clutter from the ground, the harder it is for pests to stay.

Weatherstripping and Replacing it Often

The most common route because of which pests enter the house is likely the same route you take to come into the house as well i.,e the garage. Doesn’t mean that every single time you open the garage, there is a threat of rodents walking in with you. The small gaps in the garage are perfect places for rodents to get in and occupy the whole area. The best way to tackle this issue is to keep replacing the weatherstripping often. But, weatherstripping can get hard and dry out and break off on its own. The rodents can chew through the rubber and make their way into the house. So, keeping a tab and regularly checking how the weatherstripping looks like is a great way to prevent any pests entering the house.
The weatherstripping has multiple uses and can not only keep pests out of the garage but also stop elements like rain, hail, and wind come into the garage.
Taking a professionals help to repair the garage and take a look at it to see any infestation is very important.

If there is a perimeter established around the house which is pest-free, It is easier to take the precaution of not letting in any pests into the home either. Investing time in little changes such as not piling any goods to the wall, moving plants away from the outside wall of the house and trimming tree branches around the house are some precautions that can keep the pests under control. Pest proofing the house, treating your yard is essential to keep rodents out of the house.