Nothing is worse than water damage, especially in a place like your garage. One of the ways that water enters your garage is from under the door. Everything from minor leaks to full-blown rains could result in the water collecting in your garage.

Fortunately, preventing this type of devastating water damage is easy. However, you need to act proactively and swiftly.

Use Floor and Door Seals

You always want to have a flexible seal under the garage that extends from one side to the other. The purpose of the seal is to help ensure that the door closes snugly. That said, the issue with door seals, in general, is that they deteriorate over a period of months. When the seals start to deteriorate, they are not able to serve their function, i.e., prevent water from seeping in. So, the door seals will need to be replaced. Fortunately, it isn’t expensive.

If you notice water leaking, the first thing to do is to check the seals. Then check the seals after they are replaced if they have prevented the issue from reoccurring. As a rule of thumb, Garage Door seals should be replaced annually.

Fix the Landscaping

Now, this is another cheap and quick solution to water seeping from under the garage door. Examine the soil grade, and if it is higher than the driveway, then obviously water will collect instead of draining off. When you have rainwater collecting in a single point outside of the home, it will enter the structure sooner or later.

Alter the landscape so that water is redirected away from your home. You will want to get a professional to divert the water away from the foundation if it is near the garage door. You can also do it yourself, but it may take a few days of hard labor to pull off properly.

Examine the Gutters

Gutters are often around the perimeter of the home to help absorb all the water. However, corners in most construction projects are cut, and so there may not be a gutter near your garage door. So, adding a gutter can help solve your issue of rainwater seeping in from under the door.

Now we must warn you that this particular solution is expensive, and building a gutter is time-consuming. However, it is worth it when it comes to preventing any future damage to your property.

You should get a couple of new gutters installed around the edges. Make sure that it is built so that the down sprouts transfer the water from the roof and over to the gutter near the garage door.


Water seeping in from under the garage door is a serious issue that should be fixed right away. Don’t wait longer than you should to fix the issue because it can end up causing extensive damage which costs a lot more to fix.