Horror movies are very popular with the movie-going crowd.  There is nothing more frightening than a dusty, cobwebbed haunted house.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people’s garages that have that same look! By that, I mean their garage acts like a “dust magnet.” That can be an unfortunate thing, especially in cases when a Garage Door Is Being Used To Store Items that people want to preserve – like off-season clothing and excess furniture.  Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to alleviate this problem.

Where All That Dust Comes From

Believe it or not, most of that dust originates from the garage’s concrete.  In many cases, you’ll find garages using concrete that hasn’t sealed properly.  When this is the case, especially in Damp Climates, the concrete begins to break down and create a very fine garage cement dust.  Any movement in the garage will subsequently cause the dust particles to float around and cling to everything.
Another (rather unpleasant) source of dust can be from hair and dead skin cells from pet and people.  Believe it or not, this happens inside your home, as well.  That is just the case when living things either live or visit an inside location.

Here’s how to help with that problem

If you find that there’s a dust buildup in your garage, there are some steps that can, at the very least, lessen this issue.  First of all, make sure that you start off with a clean garage.  By that, I mean before you take any of the following steps, begin by thoroughly cleaning your garage.  And don’t just clean the floors and walls.  Scrub down the concrete, as well, to remove any clinging dust particles.  Also, don’t just move the dust from one place to another, by using a simple broom – use a high-grade dust cloth.

Change Your Filter

If your garage is air conditioned, you need to put in a new AC filter, if yours isn’t brand new.  Not only will this help clean out the dust particles in the air, but you’d be surprised how it can also lower your energy bill.  That’s because a dirty AC filter will make your cooling equipment work harder.

Filter Your Garage’s Air

Even if you don’t have a Cooling Unit, dust and dirt can get into your garage through your garage door openings.  A simple air filtration system isn’t all that expensive and can do a lot when it comes to keeping the air inside your garage clean and dust particle free.  That is a good way to assist with the deal above skin cells and hair from humans and animals.
Finally, make sure to keep your filters clean and changed, on a regular basis.  You may also want to seal your concrete, as well.  You can obtain a good concrete sealant from just about any home repair and improvement store.
By taking these steps, you can do a lot, to keep your garage relatively dust-free and thus protect the belongings that you store inside your garage.