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If you find that you need new components for your properties most important access point, our garage door parts in Lynnwood service is here to help.  Garage door Parts By Elite Garage Door Of Lynnwood stock only the best of the best when it comes to the different components needed to ensure smooth operation at all times.  Also, we can work with any manufacturer and brand of the garage door, and our technicians keep stock with them allowing easy access to parts there and then.  What’s more is our technicians are insured to work with garage doors and all components such as the springs, rollers, tracks and panels.  Our quick response and speedy service will resolve any damage or repair work that needs doing on your private property or commercial  garage door.

Garage Door Parts By Elite Garage Of Lynnwood Provides The Best Products.

Heavy Duty Springs – High Cycle Springs

We stock new heavy duty – high cycle springs which last longer than the standard springs that come from the manufacturer.  These springs are perfect for the cold weather and give you around 64,000 cycles which three times some standard springs.  Our parts are high quality, and our technicians are trained to install heavy duty springs on site.  The Heavy Duty – High Cycle Springs are also powder coated, and engineer tested.

Garage Door Parts Lynnwood - Garage Door Springs - Elite Garage Door Repair Service

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Ultra-Quiet Rollers

We all know that garage doors can create a lot of noise when they open close, it is after all one of the largest moveable objects on most properties is it commercial or residential.  Our new Ultra-Quiet Rollers have been sealed with 13 ball bearings and are zinc plated creating extra noise insulation.  The rollers installed with nylon tires which provide for the ultra-quiet operation of garage doors.  Your neighbors will be in awe as your garage door opens calmly and quietly on the block!

Ultra-Quiet Rollers - Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood
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High Quality Torsion Cables

Cables often become damaged due to general wear and tear and can easily snap or become loose causing problems with the smooth operation of your garage door.  On some doors with two cables, if one cable becomes damaged it is best to replace both to ensure even operation of the garage door.  These new High-Quality Torsion Cables have a much longer lifespan and can use with most manufacturers of garage doors.  The cables have seven strands with 19 wires per stand giving them much more strength and making them three times stronger than standard cables.

High Quality Torsion Cables - Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood

Heavy Duty Drums

Drums are an essential part of the garage doors system as it lifts the cables which in turn opens and closes the door.  General use can wear out the drums over time which will result in them having to replaced.  If wear of the drums not noticed – this may lead to damage to other parts of the garage door and may cause significant harm to anything or anyone in the path of the door.  These new Heavy Duty Drums have been tried and tested and have a lifting weight of 375 lbs per drum which in total equals 750 lbs of lifting the weight.

Heavy Duty Drums - Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood

Center Bearing Plate

The center bearing plate of a garage door may wear due to insufficient lubrication.  At first, the bearings may pop and grind which results in them losing their shape.  As they continue to deteriorate, they eventually become static which results in failed operation of the garage door. They can sometimes to feed with lubrication, but often they have to be replaced.  The new high-quality Center Bearing Plates used by our technicians have a counter balance system and heavy duty premium bearings.  That means that they will last longer and provide for a better overall operation of the garage door.

Center Bearing Plate - Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood

Unique End Bearing Plates

The new Unique End Bearing Plates that we stock are zinc plated with 12 gauge steel.  They are heavy duty and feature premium bearings.

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