Technology has, without a doubt, made life a lot easier for all of us. We can see it making complex and tiresome tasks easy and much more efficient wherever we go.

An excellent example of such a scenario is automated garage door openers. Instead of needing to open your garage door manually every time you want to get a vehicle in or out, you can do it with the click of a button.

Garage door openers tend to last for long periods. However, no matter how much the durability, every machine eventually wears down. Similarly, Garage Door Openers Have Their Lifespan too. Eventually, a time comes when you need to get your garage door repaired, if not replaced. Make sure you don’t miss the important signs that indicate that your garage door is not working correctly.

However, one should never try to deal with problems related to the door opener themselves. This is a matter best left to professionals to handle. Every garage door opener has multiple complex parts that an average person would not understand. You can get hurt if you try handling the machinery without proper training.

This article is focused on helping you understand and identify the warning signs that indicate a damaged or faulty door opener. These signs will aid you in realizing when it’s time to call in help and get it repaired (or replaced).

Unable To Open Or Close The Garage Door?

Unable To Open Or Close The Garage Door?

Unable To Open Or Close The Garage Door?

Although this is stating the obvious, it’s fair to say that it is not functioning correctly if you press your button and the door does not open or close.

Solutions one can try for this problem:

1. Dead Remote Batteries

Before assuming the worst, one should always try the simplest solution. In this case, replacing the batteries in the remote is one. Rule this possibility out before going for any other options because this is the case most frequently.

If even one of your remotes needs new batteries, it is advisable to replace them with new power batteries in all the remotes. This way, any unnecessary inconveniences in performance can be avoided.

2. The Opener Is Not Connected To The Door

If it’s not the batteries, you will notice the lights on the door opener turn on when you press the button. You might even hear the door struggling to open or close whenever you press the button.

There is always the possibility that you forgot to reconnect the opener to the door after a power outage. Therefore, rule such options out first. If this is the case, you can reconnect the door following the given steps:

  • Close the door shut by hand
  • Press the button on your remote to close the door
  • If your door does not connect automatically, pull the cord on the emergency release towards the garage door.
The Opener Is Not Connected To The Door

The Opener Is Not Connected To The Door

3. The Garage Door Does Not Work Consistently

Sometimes, it can seem as if the garage door has a mind of its own. It sometimes opens when you press the button but does not at other times. The same is the case when it comes to closing.

In such scenarios, there is mostly a wiring issue. What’s more, it is usually a troubleshooting dead end. The wisest thing to do is get a certified professional to look into this matter. Poking around on your own will only cause damage to both your property and you.

Similarly, if your garage door opens and closes at will, you need to get it inspected. Otherwise, it might end up opening in the middle of the night, and you know what can go wrong next.

4. The Garage Door Opens Only To Close Right Away

Another red sign one commonly sees in a faulty door is when it opens halfway or even entirely and immediately turns the other way. However, this problem can usually be solved.

Following are some possible solutions you can try:

  • Check photo safety eyes

Misaligned or obstructed photo safety eyes can prevent the door from functioning normally. For those who are not aware, these “eyes” are what keep the garage door from closing when there is something or someone in its path.

5. Unusual Noises Can Be Heard Coming From The Garage Door

A very obvious sign of garage door damage is strange sounds produced whenever the door moves. Even if the normal door-opening noises seem louder, you should have a professional look at your door.

Bottom Line

Finally, this article ends with the saying. “Better Safe Than Sorry.” If you ever need any work done related to your garage door, you can Contact Us without the slightest hesitation.