Garage doors in our homes serve a dual purpose; they help to keep everything in the garage safe and act as a shield for the rest of the home. Every home needs security and a place to store items that make garage doors so indispensable. However, many people have discovered that their garage doors are unable to provide these two functions.

For instance, their doors don’t prevent heat from escaping the garage, which then, in turn, means that they need to pay higher power bills. Also, their garage doors don’t keep out leaves, snow, and moisture. That’s where garage door thresholds come in. But do garage door thresholds work? We examine this in detail.

The Benefits of Garage Door Thresholds

Thresholds are an accessory to your Garage Door. However, how it functions depends a lot on the garage door. So if your garage door isn’t insulated or the insulation has worn out for some reason, the threshold has its limits.

So, the question is, why even use a threshold? Well, for starters, a garage door does not create a perfect seal on its own. There is always a gap that is left open to prevent the door from scraping along the floor when opening or closing it. A threshold helps to close that gap.

Should You Get a Threshold or Rubber Sweep?

You need to decide if you want to get a rubber sweep versus a threshold. The sweep acts like an extension that helps keep the elements out of the garage from entering through the gaps. However, sweeps can easily be penetrated or bypassed by rodents and other small animals. So, a threshold works better.

The threshold is attached to the floor and not really the door. So, it can easily be moved by small critters. But the question is, does it work? When you close the door, it will press against the threshold, which helps form a tight seal. Since the threshold is made from rubber, you don’t have to think much about the quality of craftsmanship.

Also, because a threshold forms an airtight seal, it means that heat isn’t going to escape, which means lower power bills. Also, if you use the garage as a workspace, having insulation can further lower the cost of energy.

Do You need a Threshold?

If there is a visible gap between the concrete floor and the bottom of the door or you have an issue with bugs, moisture, rodents, etc., then you need a threshold. The threshold will help you recertify 90% of these issues and do so in a cost-effective way.

If you are going to get a threshold installed, make sure it is done by a professional. Ensure that you use quality materials and then sit back as it will last a very long time.