Recently, I ran into some trouble with my Garage Door Opener.  It was lightly snowing outside, and the temperature was freezing.  I was coming home from a doctor’s appointment and not feeling too well, to start.  So, I drive up to my garage door and guess what happened?  If you said “nothing,” then you’re correct.  It appeared that my Garage Door Opener Wasn’t Working and there I was – getting out of my car, in the sub-zero temperature, to manually open the garage door.

Well.  Needless to say that the next thing I did was to call a reputable garage door repair service to assess the damage and fix the problem.  Fortunately, in my area, I could call the reliable Garage Door Repair Company that I had done business with before.  In no time, I got the problem solved and without having to pay an arm and a leg, as well.  But, it was then that I noticed something. We’re just a one car family, and our garage is a 2-car garage.  Maybe I could do something more with all that space.  Fortunately, we hadn’t used the extra space for storage, so the possibilities considered.  I went online for some suggestions and here are a couple of ideas that I came up with:

1. My Space

Ever since my wife and I Moved Into This New House, I’ve dreamed of having my own private “Man Cave.”  You see, I work in sales, for a living.  After dealing with people all during my workday, I could use a private space to recoup from the stress.  A man cave would be perfect for that purpose.  And you know, we’re not talking about a major undertaking either.  All I would need to do was to set up a music and video system, along with my computer.  I have a recliner that would also be a great addition.  As far as any structural changes go, I could have a wet bar built with an added fridge. Now, I would have a place that I could retreat to when my blood pressure was getting too high!

2. A Family Gym

My wife and I don’t have any kids yet, and she’s always heading out to the gym to keep in shape.  Occasionally, I do the same, but it gets a bit hard to schedule the time when it comes to taking care of my own body.  If I had a Private GYM Built in The Garage, we could save on gym fees, and I would be motivated to work out a lot more since I didn’t have to schedule a time to drive out to the gym.  The only thing that I would have to do (besides purchasing the equipment) would be to ensure that the floor adapted to the new equipment to make sure it’s stable.  It’s the perfect solution to our gym needs!
Now that my garage door repair completed, I have a new project that presents some great possibilities for my home!