2017 has been one of the most advanced years with the advent of Smart cars, phones, televisions and much more home appliances. Allowing us to be technologically efficient. Why not use the same efficiency for the Garage Door as well! With one touch these gadgets not only make your life easier but safer too.
Pick and choose some of your top favorites this year compiled for you. It can be a spring do it yourself, or if you need professional Garage Door Service help, we are here too.

Controlling the Lights

How often do you come home with all the lights off and dark? The next question is if to spend or not spend so much of money on a single technological upgrade. There are models which are economical and helpful in every way! A wireless Light control or a remote light switch can help you turn on the lights with your app or via a remote control.

Did I Close the Garage, Right?

Did I lock the door before leaving? Are you coming back to check if you shut the door every day? Why not use smartphones to control our Garage Doors and make sure they are closed ones you leave? Let’s ditch the old garage doors and adapt to new generation doors to gear up for the task. Apps such as LIFT MASTER could give you alerts when the garage door has been open too long, if someone else other than you have been either opening or closing the garage, and offers updates on the phone itself. This is a fantastic and innovative way to upscale you old Garage Door.

Laser Parking Lights

No more dented walls or vehicles! Laser parking guides automatically switch on to a laser beam as soon as the car comes to the garage door. This laser directs you to the correct spot and turn of when the car is parked correctly. Sounds like a futuristic Garage Door isn’t it?


New Garage Doors

With the advent of a broad range of Garage Doors available in the market these days. The garage is now a livable space the whole year around. One of the best to choose is an Insulated Garage Door. The garage doors also maintain heat in the winter and keep the garage cool in the summer.


Having the Largest Door of Your House Under Surveillance

At this point you might have understood how easy it is to control each aspect in the Garage so why not add one more important upgrade. MyQ App allows you to place a security cam and look at what is going on inside the Garage Door every day. If there is a Delivery from a product you have purchased, or for your business without being at home, you can check on what you have received and make sure that everything has come alright. If you ever must leave your pet in the Garage Door  and head out to work for a little longer than anticipated, you could talk through the camera and reassure him that you will be back soon.