Garage Door Spring Repair/Replacement

Garage door springs are an essential component of garage doors on both commercial and residential properties Our Garage Door Service offers professional garage door spring repair in Lynnwood.  Here are a few things to look out for should a problem arise with the springs of your garage door and details about the service we provide. If your garage door is not opening all the way or suddenly won’t function, as usual, there may be some spring damage. Remember to check the transmitters, and if the door opener is operating properly as well as ensuring the safety card has been activated before investigating the problem. If the spring is assure broken, the garage door opener will struggle to raise the weight of the door. That is why the springs are an integral part of the operating system of a garage door. Springs are a dangerous part of a garage door as they can often be under high tension. It is essential to take care when dealing with the springs to avoid any harm to health.  Our Garage Door Spring Repair In Lynnwood service is a good option as our technicians are insured in dealing with these components and also have access to high-quality replacement parts.

Garage Door Spring Repair Lynnwood– Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood
Garage Door Spring Repair – We Can Help You Solve The Problem!

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Every day, lots of Garage Doors Break! That can be due to general wear and tear or misuse. Many services may offer to send replacement parts as well as installation instructions, but our Garage Door Spring Replacement In Lynnwood is the most trusted repair service around. The reason why is because we respond quickly and we stock replacement parts! We are often able to come out and provide a consultation and take care of the problem right away. We understand that your garage door may be a major access point into our property as well as an essential part of a home or commercial premises security system. There may be no time to wait around for parts and errors during installation. Our trained technicians will get the job right the first time!

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Garage Door Spring Repair Lynnwood – Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood
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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement 

Look out because garage doors sometimes have different types of spring.  Torsion Springs are the most common and at Elite Garage door of Lynnwood – we carry new high cycle, high duty, and precision-focused garage torsion springs.  Garage door springs account for over 90% of the energy required to live the weight of the garage door.   That is strains the springs, and they typically last for around 33,000 cycles.  The dimensions of garage doors may vary from property to property making installation a bit more complicated.  Torsion springs should usually be measured while unwound to ensure that the dimensions will fit with your garage door.  To match the size perfectly, our technicians will sometimes measure your previous springs to ensure accuracy.  It is important to get the wire size and diameter correct; this will ensure the smooth operation of the garage door for a long time to come.

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Replacing a Garage Door Spring

It can be tricky to replace the springs at home as well as dangerous.  If you have any doubts about your ability to replace garage door springs, there is no need to worry as our technicians are ready to help you.  After a consultation, we will be able to provide with a quote which will include service as well as the replacement parts.  It can sometimes be difficult to obtain the correct parts, but with our stock of quality components and professional suppliers, we guarantee that we will be able to service your garage door.  We have been repairing and Replacing Garage Door Springs for many years and are still the most trusted service in the area!!

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