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Did you know that the vast majority of garage doors can last an average of ten years?  If your garage door is relatively new and it is giving you problems it could be for a myriad of reasons.  Though the most common reason for new garage doors getting spoilt is either a manufacturing defect or incorrect installation.  Many home and business owners assume that garage door installation is the same regardless of who they hire.  So, they try to find the cheapest service in town.  Unfortunately for them, incorrect installation leads to a lifetime of troubles and an early retirement for what is a relatively new garage door.  Fortunately, our garage door repair in Fidalgo Island can help you.

Garage Door Repair Fidalgo Island by Elite Garage Door Repair Service

Elite Garage Door in Fidalgo Island provides top quality professional repair, installation, and maintenance services.  Even if your garage door was incorrectly installed, we could take steps to rectify the situation if it isn’t too late.  We will also advise if the warranty is voided on your garage door owing to incorrect installation.  All of which will help you make the right decision.

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No Matter What The Garage Door Service/Repair Is – We Can Do It!

Why Should You Choose Our Garage Door Repair in Fidalgo Island?

If you are looking for a service that cares about your garage doors and reliability, then we are the service for you. Hiring our service in Fidalgo Island is a great choice mainly because:
• We have many years of experience working as a team repairing all types of garage doors.
• Our team is always on standby to provide immediate emergency repair services.
• We never waste your time going back and forth since we clear everything up, upfront so there is no ambiguity left when we work for you.
• We can repair and install any garage door regardless of make or model.
• Our workmanship comes backed by a warranty.

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Expert Installation Services

Sure buying a garage door is a pretty steep investment.  However, when installed correctly it can provide you with years of unhindered service life and the fact that it adds value to your home.  Not to mention that it also provides your home with security.  That said as mentioned above your garage door also needs to be installed correctly.  The right procedure needs to be used during the installation to avoid frequent problems.  Plus, high-quality materials are used to ensure that they don’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

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We Know That Fixing Your Garage Door Is A Number One Priority.

Garage Door Repair Fidalgo Island

We assure all our clients’ peace of mind by backing the work we do with a warranty.  The warranty covers the parts we install or replace and the workmanship.

Completely Family Owned and Operated

Elite Garage Door is a family owned business, and every member of our team is like family. Over the past few years, our reputation has allowed the company to grow considerably. However, every person we add to the team is experienced and certified. We also ensure that they continue to receive training moving forward. So, they are aware of the latest technologies

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That’s why if you are looking for nothing short of the best garage door repair in Fidalgo Island, then call us today!