Burglars have found that stealing someone’s garage door opener is a fantastic method to enter someone’s home; thus, garage security has become increasingly vital. Unfortunately, thieves have a lot of chances to steal garage remotes and open a locked garage door.

Other thieves will search parking lots for unlocked vehicles. Many individuals, unfortunately, clip their garage door openers to their visors or their rearview mirrors. Once a thief has your remote, all that remains is for them to discover your car registration to obtain your address.

The majority of motorists keep their registration in their glove boxes or center consoles. A Thief Can Simply Get Access to your house if they have your garage opener and address.

The clicker looked like an excellent spot to store it in your glove compartment or sun visor. However, after you find it’s gone and your car has been broken into, you realize this wasn’t such a smart plan after all.

This article will explain how to disable a Garage Door Remote that has been lost or stolen.

How To Disable Your Lost Garage Door Remote?

Your garage remote sends out a signal that is picked up by a receiver in the garage door opener’s motor.

Most door openers have been using rolling codes since 1993. This implies that the transmission code of your garage door opener is updated every time you use it.

  • By pushing a Smart Button on the casing of the opener’s motor, you may turn off your door opener.
  • Your remotes and keypads will be deprogrammed due to this; a flashing light will show if the deprogramming was successful. Even if they have your remote, no one will be able to open your garage once you have done this.
  • It would be best if you now reprogrammed the keypads and remotes according to the manufacturer’s instructions or the dealer’s owner’s handbook.
  • The idea is indeed the same in all garage door opener types, but the programming code and frequency utilized and the color of the Smart button varies. Depending on the brand, it might be green, red, yellow, orange, or purple.

When To Purchase and Program New Remotes?

Unplug the opener from the outlet if you have a doorbell wall control. Pull the red cord that releases the overhead trolley to open and close your garage door. After that, you will have to open and close your door physically. Place a lock on the side of the door to relock it.

In some instances, the ability to manually open and close the door is helpful. It does, however, imply that the garage door is unlocked because anybody may get access from the outside.

The best way to safeguard your house from burglars is to reprogram your backup remote. After you have disabled the remote, reprogramming your garage door’s system is the next step.

How To Disable & Reprogram The Remote With MyQ Technology?

Every garage door opener these days is linked to a “wireless system.” This means you can control it with your phone. You can not only see whether you have left your garage door open. Because your smartphone does not need to be reprogrammed, you can delete a program and still use the system.

  • Press and hold the Learn button until the LED on the MyQ Control Panel turns off to delete a remote control and keypad. The prior codes have been obliterated.
  • The remote control has been disabled and can be reprogrammed at this time.
  • Go to the Features menu, scroll down to Program, and choose Remote from the program menu to reprogram the remote.
  • To activate the garage door, hit the appropriate button on the remote. The garage door opener lights will flash, or you will hear two clicks if the code is programmed.

Future Prevention Tips

You never want to have to deal with the stress of a stolen garage door opener again.

  • Make sure your car doors are permanently closed to prevent your garage door remote from theft.
  • Place the remote control out of sight of criminals.
  • Take the remote with you if you are parked in a suspicious location.
  • You should also store your car registration in an area where a car thief won’t be able to easily find it, such as your glove compartment, which is where most individuals keep this paperwork.

Bottom Line

Remember to secure your doors even if you are only making a brief trip somewhere you won’t be staying long or just went for a run somewhere and won’t be staying long. Burglars don’t pick certain locations to target; they strike when you least expect it.

Furthermore, contact Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair of Lynnwood if you want assistance concerning the theft of a garage door opener remote and wish to secure your house with cutting-edge technology.