Garage doors have become an excellent facility in this modern age. One press of a button and you can open or close it. You no longer have to deal with the hard work of manually opening it every time.

However, with every new invention come various trends associated with it. As one would expect, the market has multiple garage door trends these days. Many of them are worthy of your attention. This is especially true if you are looking for a new garage door (or its other parts).

These modern trends can help your garage stand out in your neighborhood. Not only that, they ensure improved energy efficiency, aesthetics, and security for your garage. These upgrades can change your entire perspective on renovation and planning.

The following are some of the best features we have compiled.

Garage Door As A Design Element

Garage Door As A Design Element

1. Garage Door As A Design Element

The last time most of you were in the market for a garage door was probably when you had your house built. However, the garage door has become a critical and focal point of houses. It is no longer something people only pay attention to when a problem arises. That is primarily due to the increased awareness of its importance among homeowners.

The variety of garage door designs has expanded, making it easy for homeowners to Match Their Front and Garage Doors. New styles range from carriage house design to sleek, contemporary, and minimalist. You can find different colors, textures, and even custom designs. You can choose colors such as dark granite, red, cobalt blue, etc.

Garage doors now come in various materials as well. These include heavy gauge steel, composite, aluminum, and wood. You can even get ones with windows.

2. High-Quality Garage Door Openers

The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically changed how we operate our homes. Much of the devices in our homes are now connected by the internet. With a garage door, you can now more easily control the opening and closing of your door with a smart garage door opener. For this purpose, you can use your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Modern advancements now allow you even to program your garage door. You can set it to open automatically when you approach it in your vehicle. The door can be guided to close if you forget to do so on your way out too.

Thus, the more technical a door opener is, the more functions and benefits you can avail of from it.

3. Side Mount Opening

Some people get concerned that they do not have enough space for an automatic garage door. In such scenarios, side mount garage door operating systems are a great option. They are commonly referred to as Jackshaft openers.

This particular garage door style is quite different from the traditional rail-style systems. There are a lot more design options. These include heavier doors, taller ceilings, and other non-traditional constructions.

It is not installed like traditional-style doors either. The garage door company you hire will mount it on the wall adjacent to your door opening. Ultimately, it will be attached to the torsion system spring line.

Side Mount Opening

Side Mount Opening

4. Safety And Security

Old garage doors are devoid of many of the available modern security features. For example, if you have an outdated door, you probably operate it without a rolling code door opener. Features like these are an asset that should be utilized regardless of the little burden they might put on your wallet.

Keep in mind that thieves have become more efficient with technological advancements. Garage doors lacking security are easy passages for burglars to get into your house. Plus, safety features aren’t only for them. Garage door sensors can prevent the door from closing on your pets and children. Hence, they can prevent major accidents.

You can even program the sensor lights to turn on when they detect movement to boost their functioning. With technological advancements such as IoT, you can ensure that there are no unwanted visitors in your home even when you’re away.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

5. Energy Efficiency

One of the most incredible advancements in garage doors is probably the introduction of insulated garage doors. They are a great aid in reducing electricity and heating bills. Since the garage door is a focal entry point into the house, it is used often throughout the day. This means it is the point most prone to cold and warm breezes traveling freely between the garage and the external environment.

An uninsulated garage door means unnecessary heat loss. This is especially true for people living in extreme climates. Getting an insulated garage door should be a top priority on your to-do list if you are one of them.

Bottom Line

Has your garage door deteriorated beyond the point of repair? Are you looking for a new garage door that follows the latest trends? If so, you will find the most popular garage door trends in this article and, possibly, the answers to your questions.