This is a question that we get a lot of and more of an exterior design question than a garage door purchase-related question, so to speak. The same goes for finding the Right Size Garage Door. However, if you want the short answer, we’d say that you’d want the color and design of the garage door to match the front door for aesthetic purposes. That said, it may not always be easy to do, which is why we have a shortlist of ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts’.

You Should Have Material Consistency

As far as consistency goes, you will want to make sure that the material of your front door is as close to that of your garage door. It is the Best Way To Repurpose Your Garage without damaging its aesthetics. However, that does not mean that if your garage door is wood, you also need to have a wooden front door. In fact, combining different materials can give your home a unique look. But you’ll want to examine the building materials already used in our home, like stone, wood, brick etc., into consideration to ensure that the garage door compliments them.

You absolutely shouldn’t buy a garage door made from a material that isn’t already used in the home. But if you have a plain or bland current exterior, you can add a few materials to spice things up. You will also want to add materials, perhaps to keep the color palette consistent.

Garage Door Material Consistency

Choosing a Color Scheme

When Choosing a Color Scheme, you always want to take the exterior color scheme into account. You will want to incorporate the shades from the existing color palette, especially of the front door and walls, into the door. It is the best way to find something that gives your home a well-balanced look. If you need a bold color, don’t be afraid to take that route as it can make your front door and garage door pop.

You shouldn’t match both colors to the primary color of the exterior unless you want a monochromatic look. You also never want to combine warm colors with so-called cool colors. While there is nothing apparently wrong with them, but these color categories often clash.

Also, don’t eyeball colors, or stains; make sure to verify them. After all, not all shades of white are the same.

Style of the Garage Door

Sure, we encourage homeowners to get creative with their garage door and front door combinations. Take, for instance, if you have a contemporary front door, it can be paired with a Skyline Flush-type garage door. Some companies like DoorVisions, allow you to upload a photo of your home and match it to all the garage doors in their inventory to find the right style.

Garage Door Color Scheme

Garage Door Color Scheme

Finally, Hardware Finish Choices

You will want to opt for matching hardware of the garage door and the front door to finish and style. You will want to choose the right accents which are of the same style. If you are going to add some exterior hardware to the garage door, it should be harmonious to all the other metal accents of the home.

Unless you are a designer with years of experience, in which case you know what you’re doing, we don’t recommend combining different hardware finishes on the door. For instance, if the front door handle is gold, don’t buy a garage door with black color handles. Also, make sure to invest in Professional Garage Door Servicing.