You have finally gotten your hands on a spacious three-row SUV, perfect for family road trips. When you attempt to park it in the garage, there’s a problem: it’s too big, or your Garage Doesn’t Organize properly. It’s not unusual to see owners of F-150s and Silverado unable to park their new vehicles in their garages because of the size of today’s SUVs and trucks.

Minivans are simpler to park, but they lack the versatility of an SUV. There are techniques to ensure that your 3rd row SUV will fit in your garage.

In Terms Of Size, How Large Is The Typical 3rd Row SUV?

In Terms Of Size, How Large Is The Typical 3rd Row SUV?

In Terms Of Size, How Large Is The Typical 3rd Row SUV?

Because of its size, the new GMC Yukon XL was not included in our list of most dependable 3rd-row SUVs.

  • The 2021 Yukon XL, according to Automobile Magazine, is 224.3″ long, or 18.7 feet. In contrast, the Suburban for 2021 is slightly longer: According to Motor Trend, the car is 18.8 feet long, or 225.7 inches.
  • The Toyota 4Runner, on the other hand, features an optional third-row available exclusively on the SR5 and Limited versions. The SR5 is 19.7″ (or 15.9′) shorter than the Limited.
  • According to Hunker, there are two lengths of one-car garages in the United States: 24′ and 28′. The new Suburban seems to fit comfortably, based on this. These figures, however, should be treated with caution. There may be a place for a 3rd row SUV in your garage, but will there be enough room for you to walk about or store things in the garage?

The dimensions provided by Hunker are for relatively new garages. SUVs, in particular, have grown in size over the years. I, for one, grew up in a home constructed in the 1970s, like my parents. Parking a Nissan Sentra or Mazda Miata in their connected one-car garage was challenging.

To top it all off, we’ve merely spoken about the subject of length. How tall are you, by the way? Compared to the Lexus LX, the Toyota Sequoia is significantly taller, at 77″. For a one-car garage, the Garaga company recommends a height of 84″ or 96″. You should be able to accommodate a 3rd row SUV if your garage door is narrow.

Tips On How To Accommodate A 3rd Row SUV In A Garage.

If you are looking for a 3rd-row SUV, you’ll need to know the vehicle’s size in addition to its dependability and amenities. Then, take a tape measure to your garage and check to see whether it fits, both open and closed.

The next step is to mark the ground with tape to reflect the size of the SUV. Walk around it now. Does the garage allow you to move around freely? Does it have a place for tools and ladders?

In The Event, Your SUV Does Not Fit, What To Do?

There are a few options if you discover that your SUV with the third row doesn’t fit in your garage after you’ve measured everything.

As soon as possible, take everything out of the garage and the SUV, if you can. Several aftermarket accessories may enhance the SUV’s off-road capabilities, but they aren’t essential for everyday driving, and they add to the SUV’s size. The same holds for items like roof racks and roof boxes.

In The Event, Your SUV Does Not Fit, What To Do?

In The Event, Your SUV Does Not Fit, What To Do?

It’s possible to Squeeze An SUV into a garage if the difficulty is height, not length, and nothing is left on the SUV’s top. It is common for 3rd row SUVs to have adjustable suspension. Check out how low you can go and see if that helps. When the SUV is parked, it doesn’t seem to have any problems rising again. The air suspension of the Yukon, for example, maybe configured to stay down long after the SUV has been shut off, according to GMC.

As a result, your 3rd row SUV should be able to fit in your garage with ease.

Bottom Line

The last thing you need is to spend hours on the internet looking for the perfect car and then go home to find that it won’t fit in your garage.

There is such a thing as that. Our chilly winter has taught us that having your automobile stored in a Garage Has Other Advantages also. It’s not only folks who swap in an old automobile for a newer model that’s larger, taller, roomier and has more luggage capacity that gets it wrong. People who trade in an older model for a newer one, only to discover that the newer one is taller, broader, and longer than their previous one, have experienced this.

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