The majority of us have been victims of the dreaded cluttered garage. Bikes piled in the middle, tools are strewn in every nook and cranny. On top of that, parking your car in there with all that mess makes for an unappealing and unhygienic garage. 

After all, a clean garage means a warm automobile every morning of winter, especially if you reside in a state that gets hammered by snow and ice. A lot of what you have in your garage is likely garbage you don’t need, and by getting rid of it, you will find it easier to locate a garage storage solution that works for you.

There is nothing more gratifying than a Clean Garage Door and a nice organized garage, believe us. It will also take much less time when you want to find the things that you need.

That is why you should check out these three-step garage organization ideas to get you started if you are planning to roll up your sleeves and tackle that mess.

Clear Everything Out From Your Garage Storage Shelves

The first thing you should do is declutter before heading to your local home improvement store to load up on storage containers and wire shelving.

For many of us, a significant amount of our garage’s “trash” is simply that: junk.

  • Remove everything from the garage wall storage. Get rid of all of the items from the shelves. Sweep, dust, and clean up after yourself. From there, take a step back and imagine how you want this space to look after you re-organize.
  • Begin by discarding or giving away the stuff that you no longer use or require.
  • Consider recycling boxes, glass, or other goods that your local recycling firm accepts, and remember to take proper care of any dangerous substances like car batteries or paint.

You’ll be able to proceed through these next activities with a clear aim in mind once you have decided how you want your garage to look.

Clear Everything Out From Your Garage Storage Shelves

Clear Everything Out From Your Garage Storage Shelves

Sort Out the Mess into Different Sections

After you have gotten rid of all the rubbish in the garage, it’s time to arrange the remaining objects into categories.

  • You can sort items by their use now. You better know what you have and what want to keep. Put all gardening tools in one spot, athletic equipment in another, and car supplies in yet another. Everything has its proper place in an organized garage.
  • The other garage organization idea is to categorize your belongings according to their size. For the little, loose items that can quickly clutter your garage, storage solutions are a must-have. From the tiniest nuts and bolts to the largest tools, you make use of every storage space available. Long-handled objects can be hung from hooks, smaller items can be stored in high-fenced baskets, and bottles and canisters can be placed on shelves.

Store the Items in Their Right Places

Now that you have organized everything into small categories, it is time to figure out how to store everything sensibly and efficiently.

  • If you don’t have the right organization tool and proper garage storage shelves, you must consider investing in those. Trust us, you will need to find the correct tools if you want to give a welcoming, well-organized, and appealing environment to your garage.
  • Installing low-quality, short-lived items is a waste of time. If you do, you will have to renovate everything all over again in the future.
  • Look for long-lasting, high-quality garage storage systems. There are numerous options based on your budget, spatial layout, and requirements. If you don’t know what tools you need to organize your stuff, here is a list of the most basic apparatus you must have in your garage.
  • Wall Tracks
  • Overhead Storages
  • Bins
  • Garage Shelves

The most important part of this stage is to make sure that everything in the garage has a place solely reserved for it. So, that you and everyone else in your house can understand where everything belongs.

Bottom Line

Cleaning out your garage doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can put your garage in tip-top organizational form with a little effort, a little sweat equity, and a few hours. And enjoy the gratification of having at least one place in your house that is organized and clean. The real challenge, after you have taken a step back and admired your immaculately arranged garage, is maintaining it that way! Remember to put everything back where it belongs, and you will never have to deal with this massive task of garage organization again.