Everyone likes to keep their house well-maintained. After all, the first impression on any guest that arrives at your home is how it looks from the outside. Most people spend a lot of time and money maintaining an attractive and catchy look for their house. However, one of the most prominent features of the house is ignored most of the time: The Garage Door.

As it is the first thing any visitor sees as they approach a house, one would expect the garage door to be looked after properly. However, it is not usually given the attention it deserves.

It should be noted that keeping your garage door clean does not only make it appealing. It increases its lifespan too. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a guide to washing your garage door the right way.


The following are a few simple rules you can follow while washing your garage. Let’s get into them.

1. Keeping it closed while cleaning

Safety always needs to be put first, even during simple tasks like cleaning. You should make sure the garage door is closed while cleaning it. It keeps one safe from accidents and any unwanted injuries.

If you leave the door open, it could collapse at any moment if the water gets into the circuits. Plus, the best way to clean every edge of the door is to do it while it is closed. That way, you will clean it thoroughly and maintain your safety.

While you’re at it, ask everyone in your household not to open the door either. Otherwise, someone might accidentally open or close the door resulting in any injury.

2. Keeping away from aggressive detergents

While washing your garage door, you aim to get rid of all the dirt and grime. You would not want to ruin the door’s finish in the process. Therefore, ensuring that the detergent you are using is not harsh is crucial.

Strong detergents can also end up drying out the weatherstripping and seals of your door. This results in cracks and the seals eventually disintegrating.

A smart choice would be to use ordinary dishwashing soaps or mild detergents. If you find a stubborn piece of grime, you can use diluted bleach to get rid of it. Just remember to Cleanse The Surface Of The Door thoroughly once you’re done with the wash.

3. Avoiding high-pressure washes

Many people assume it is a quicker and more efficient method, but pressure washing can damage the door. Even if you have it at minimum power, a power washer can whether off paint, including other damages.

Avoiding high-pressure washes

Avoiding high-pressure washes

A bucket of water and a sponge is better for washing garage doors. A garden hose is acceptable for rinsing doors too, but the pressure should be kept as low as possible.

4. Moving from top to bottom

If you begin from the bottom of the door, you can end up leaving streaks of soap rolling over freshly cleaned areas. You would have to go over those surfaces again once you’re done with the ones above.

Beginning from the top prevents the need to clean the entire door again. That way, you can save both time and energy, not to mention all the water and soap.

5. Opting for wax as your door’s finish

Although many people aren’t aware of it, wax can prove to be a very good finish to your garage door. A high-quality car wash not only keeps dirt away from your door but also gives it the shine it deserves.

Opting for wax as your door’s finish

Opting for wax as your door’s finish

However, it should be kept in mind that some garage door finishes do not go well with wax. Surfaces like anodized aluminum should never be waxed. Before going for this option, make sure to check with your manufacturer.

6. Remember your weatherstripping!

While you are working on your door, you should give the weatherstripping the attention it needs, too. Using an all-purpose cleaner will likely suffice with all kinds of dirt.

This might be a valuable opportunity for you to check for cracks or tears as well. When attending to the weatherstripping, look for such anomalies. They can allow air or unwanted bugs to come into the garage if not mended.

7. Calling Your Technician If You Spot Any Rust

Did you happen to come upon any rust while cleaning your garage door? That is a sign you need to call in your local garage technician. No matter big or small, rust can indicate irreversible damage if not treated immediately.

Bottom Line

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