One of the biggest challenges for people in the market for a new garage door is finding a reputed dealer. The best way to is to choose a dealer recommended by friends and family. However, you can also find out a lot about a company by checking them out online though always make it a point to contact the company personally to find out about their skills, rating, etc.

What to Ask a Garage Door Dealer?

Buying a garage door is a considerable investment, and so you should ask all the right questions before making a purchase. Below are a couple of things you should start by asking a dealer:

  • How long have they been in business? What’s the scope of the service they provide?
  • The company should have all the necessary licensing as well as a permit to work in the area.
  • You will also want to choose a dealer that’s insured, so ask them about that. A legit company is always fully insured.
  • Can you visit their showroom to see the produces infront of your eyes?
  • What brands do they deal in?
Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Check Out a Garage Door Dealer’s Previous Customers

Good companies have no problem providing you with a list of references. The customers are often those who have agreed to provide anyone who contacts them with their honest opinion. Ideally, these people should be in your neighborhood.

Make sure to ask the dealer to provide you details of previous projects too like location and complete work photos.

How Good is Their Communication?

A company that really cares about delivering the best garage doors will try to get important information from you. They might ask you about things like your size requirements, budget, features, functions, etc. Based on your budget, they might also show you several options, provide you with a price quote, and provide you with warranty information for each type of garage door they recommend.

Professional garage door dealers are also not shy about answering technical questions. So they will provide you with things like the spec sheet, maintenance manual, etc. If a company does not provide you with this and other information, it is best to steer clear of them.


The biggest mistakes you can make is to buy a garage door without knowing the dealer. Taking the time out to figure out which is the best deals near you and what they have available will help you find the best possible deal. You will also be assured of the fact that your warranty coverage is genuine and that you will be covered for the next few years. It is perfectly OK to take your time to find the best garage door dealer because all that effort will be worth it.