After a long, tiring day at work, you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you closed the garage door or not. We all have been there and wished that there was some automatic garage door technology out there for us.

Well, if you didn’t already know, there are smart garage door openers that can make your garage door part of the hi-tech gadgets in your house. It will surely be wonderful to have a WiFi garage door opener that connects to your phone. Check the status whenever you want.

If you are intrigued by smart garage door openers and want to learn about them then you are at the right place. So, let’s get into it!

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener? 

Just like any other wired garage door opener, smart garage openers offer wireless features. For instance, you can connect a smart garage door opener to Wi-Fi and monitor the garage door using an app on your phone. A smart garage door is often considered a WiFi garage door opener as well. They are pretty convenient as you can keep a track of your garage door from anywhere and anytime.

If you have a smart home; with many of your appliances connected to WiFi, then having a WiFi garage door opener can be a good idea. It adds up to the security as well as convenience in your house.

Let’s move forward to the features of smart garage doors.

Smart Garage Door Opener Features

As we mentioned earlier, checking up on your garage door could be a bit of an ordeal for a lot of people. But now, you can check the status of your garage door wherever you are. Whether you are inside your home, at work, or on vacation, you can see if your garage door is locked or not.

Smart garage door openers like the MyQ garage door opener can be connected with your phone through an app. Anyhow, there are mainly two types of smart garage door openers.

Types of Smart Garage Door Openers

  1. Add-on Devices
  2. Full Systems

Let’s discuss both types in detail.

Add-on Devices

The add-on devices are usually just a controller or a hub that can be connected with your old garage door.

  • They are cheaper and easier to install compared to the full systems. In simple, the add-on devices are Wi-Fi-enabled electrical switches that can be controlled through a mobile application.
  • If your garage door is working fine and is in good condition then an add-on device would be the best smart garage door opener for you instead of a full system.

However, let’s move towards the full system garage door openers and how they work.

Full Systems

As the name says itself, the full systems are a whole package instead of just one device.

  • The full systems include motors, mechanisms, and all the hardware needed for a smart garage door opener.
  • Buying a full system is only recommended if your garage door is not in a good condition and needs replacement. You can get the best smart garage door opener with a little budget if you consider buying a full system rather than an add-on.

If you are looking for some suggestions on which smart garage door opener would be best for you then Don’t Worry, we’ve got some of the best suggestions for you here.

Recommended Garage Door Openers for You

Here are a few smart garage door openers that you should consider while replacing your door opener.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub & Controller

MyQ garage door opener is hands down the easiest smart garage door opener to install and use.


  • You can get add a camera to it as well for monitoring.
  • The MyQ smart garage door opener system is compatible with almost all of the garage doors manufactured after 1993.
  • You can control it using an application on your phone as well. If you wish to use the HomeKit with the MyQ smart garage door opener then you need to buy the MyQ home bridge device.

The only downside is that it’s not compatible with Amazon Alexa smart home devices.

iSmartGate Pro

It is a feature-rich and efficient smart garage door opener device.

  • It includes a built-in camera, geofencing, local control, and a free HomeKit.
  • It is compatible with almost every smart garage device and can be operated through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and IFTTT as well.

Anyhow it is a little expensive than other smart garage door openers but it has its pros.

Bottom Line

We hope that you understood everything about the smart garage door openers. They are essential in this era and it is one of the Futuristic Ways To Make Your Garage Smart. So what are you waiting for, get a smart garage door opener as soon as possible!