Garage doors like everything else around us are constantly evolving. So, today, not only are the walls, windows, and the space around you contribute to maintaining the heat or cold within our homes, but the garage door plays a role too. A well-insulated garage door can effectively reduce your heating and cooling bill by a considerable margin. In this post, we’ll look at the various types of insulated garage doors you can buy today and how they work.

Shutter Garage Doors or Coiling Doors

An insulated roller door works the same way as your standard roller shutter garage door, but instead of being built from a single sheet of metal, you have two sheets with foam in-between them. Not only does this help retain heat, but it also makes the garage door stronger and consequently more secure.

Owing to the slats of roller doors, they aren’t as well insulated as sectional garage doors. Though with weather seals it is possible to seal up leaks which can cause hot air to escape.

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sectional Garage Doors

Insulated sectional doors offer some of the best insulation along with good U-values. Measuring at least around 40mm thick, these sectional doors are filled with foam, constructed with galvanized steel panels on both sides and are free from CFC.

Not only is the insulation impressive, but it is strong too. The doors are well sealed against the weather, making it excellent for anyone who wants their home protected from the elements.

Side Hinged Doors

If you are using your garage for things like a gym, storage space or workshop of some sort, then this type of door will work best. Not only are these doors well insulated, but because of that, the garage becomes a more comfortable place to work. Plus being side hinged means that it will easily allow both vehicles and regular people alike to pass through.

What Else to Keep in Mind when Buying Insulated Garage Doors?

Apart from knowing which types of insulated garage doors are available, there are a couple of other things you should know. The first being that if you buy a garage door that’s electrically operated, you will not have to leave your vehicle to open the garage door. So, if you’re living in a particularly hot or cold part of the US, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your vehicle.

We also recommend insulated garage doors for people who are using their garages for something other than just storing vehicles. So, if you are working out in it, or perhaps doing a bit of carpentry, etc. an insulated garage door can go a long way in helping preserve the life of your tools and make it easy to work in. Finally, always make sure that you buy an insulated garage door by reading and understanding its ‘R’ rating. A higher R-value may be more expensive, but it also offers thicker insulation.