One of the questions we get asked a lot from business owners and homeowners alike is why they should invest in automated security gates? Well for starters, there are many reasons why installing these automated gates at your entry way is a good idea, the biggest one being security and privacy. Plus, it increases the visual appeal and consequently, the value of the home.

Increases Property Value

We have seen a trend which leads us to believe that there is a direct relation between installing automated security gates and the increase in property value. We suspect it is due to the enhanced safety that these gates offer. Those looking to buy property see these gates as a big plus.

If you are looking to rent some space, wouldn’t you perhaps choose a gated building? That’s why this is such an excellent investment and so attractive to potential buyers.

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Improves Curb Appeal

Automated security gates tend to look good. To people looking at your property from the outside, it looks grand, well organized and you have excellent curb appeal too. Plus, the fact is that large automated gates are often associated with prestige and wealth. So, it makes a killer first impression.

That’s why we think that gates raise the value of a home regardless of if it is a mansion you’re selling or perhaps a modest home. The various designs available on the market ensure that there is one that’s perfectly suited to your property.

Better Security

Many property owners invest in these gates because they offer excellent security. When your home or building is guarded by a large automated gate, there is that peace of mind knowing that nobody can wander on to your property without being authorized.

Also, visitors on your property are protected from intruders. That’s why these are the security gates of choice for hotels, consulates, and other places where security is paramount.

Protects Kids and Pets

On a larger property security gates help to protect kids and pets alike. You can be assured that none of them will wander off the property with the gate firmly shut. Plus you can prevent unwanted animals like bears, deer, etc. from wandering on to the property. So, everyone can enjoy the wide-open space of the yard freely.

Heightened Privacy

A gate will put some or a lot of distance between your home and the streets. In a residential location, having a security gate ensures that you enjoy much more privacy. For instance, if you’re seated in your living room, you don’t have to worry about people passing by and looking at you through the window. The gate will essentially block your window from view.

Better Insurance Premiums

Finally, the enhanced protection of your property with automated security gates ensures that you are safer, and insurance companies see that as being ideally suited for lowering the premiums. So, a property that is of less risk will enjoy lower premiums.