Every homeowner wants their garage door to last as long as possible. Plus, your garage door’s appearance can highly affect your curb appeal. A rusty, dented, and worn-out garage door in no way radiates attractive vibes. Therefore, the annual service and maintenance by your local garage door company aren’t enough. You have to look after it yourself with the right products too.

Some people coat their doors with a high-quality paint film. This is a wise move as it protects their doors from the extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Following some other simple rules can help preserve your door for many years.

Although it may sound complicated, it isn’t? All you have to do throughout the year is keep a few things in mind and check up on your door regularly. You won’t just prolong your door’s lifespan this way. You will also ensure that it remains a welcoming feature of your house.

To help you out, we have come up with some of the best Garage Door Maintenance Tips we could find. This entire article is dedicated to this topic. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Wash Your Door Punctually

The frequency of Washing Your Garage Door depends on the weather you live in. If your area has all four seasons throughout the year, you should wash it accordingly. For example, frequent rains will do most of the job during winter. All you have to do is a low-effort clean.

However, the story is entirely different regarding the summer season. In a hot and humid environment, dust tends to stick to the door. Grime can start growing on the corners if you do not conduct a frequent wash. Therefore, you must be more punctual with the door washes.

Wash Your Door Punctually

Wash Your Door Punctually

Even the slightest laziness can result in permanent rust or grime scars on your door. Removing these is a lot harder. Ultimately, it’s your choice. You can avoid this chore and deal with the consequences later, or you can be alert to the situation and make it a habit of keeping your door clean.

2. Applying Lubricant To The Internal Sections

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of your garage door. Not only does it gets into the door’s machinery and damages it, but it also causes the deterioration of the lubricant. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you lubricate your garage door frequently, especially during the summers.

Lubricants protect the door from premature wear and tears. It also minimizes noises erupting from your door whenever it is moving. Plus, this is not a complicated matter. You can lubricate a door yourself. There is no need to hire a specialist for something you can do on your own.

However, some things should be kept in mind regarding this matter.

  • You should always use a door lubricant and not oil. Oil is prone to dust or debris collecting on it. This complicates the issue even more than it would be without the oil.
  • You should also check how much lubricant you are using. There is only so much you can apply as the door can become sticky and slippery with excessive application.
Applying Lubricant To The Internal Sections

Applying Lubricant To The Internal Sections

3. Repairs

Luckily, it is easy to check up on your garage door twice a year and determine whether it needs a repair service at that time or not. If you touch the cable carefully, you will discover symptoms of fraying or corrosion (if there are any). However, you should make sure not to fool around with the cord.

Once you are done with that, you should check up on the screws, bolts, and nuts. If you find any loose, carefully tighten them yourself if you can.

Finally, you should call a garage professional every once in a while to check up on the door’s springs. Those aren’t something you should touch yourself.

4. Regular Servicing

Garage experts recommend getting your garage door service at least once a year. This annual checkup helps discover any minor inconveniences that might escalate in the future. Plus, it keeps your garage door running smoothly.

However, it would be best if you always stayed away from the door opener. It does not matter how tempted you feel to give it a clean or fix it yourself. A door opener is a piece of complicated machinery, and any unwanted damage can be complicated much more.

Instead, you should call a garage door service company and ask for any help. It will give you the peace of mind that your door is in safe and skilled hands.

Regular Servicing

Regular Servicing

Bottom Line

Maintaining a garage door on your own can be a hefty task. Therefore, we have compiled a garage door’s tested cleaning and maintenance tips and hope they will prove beneficial and worth your time.