A surprising number of people ask this question, and honestly, there isn’t a straight answer for everyone. What is clear is that for some types of homes and people, a garage door with a window is important; for others, maybe not so much. So, the next question is, how do you decide if you want a garage door with windows? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll dive into today.

Where Are You Located?

Security experts generally recommend that people living in high-risk areas have garage doors without windows and They (garage doors) Should Be Automated. Windows allow thieves and anybody else with bad intent to look inside your garage. Thieves are known to break the window to override the automatic opener or the lock. Plus, Water Can Come Into The Garage from both the window and under it.

In a safe area or neighborhood, with good security, people nearby looking out for each other, a garage door with windows is safe. However, you can lower the risk of being spied on through the window by buying a garage door with frosted or shaded windows. You can also install a curtain for privacy.

If you live in an area or location where there is a homeowners’ association or the local ordinance mandates/dictates which style garage door you need to install, then there are few options. In some areas, you might not be allowed garage doors with windows. That’s why you’ll want to check with local governing bodies before buying a garage door with windows.

Should Garage Doors Have Windows

Should Garage Doors Have Windows

What Are Your Goals?

Think about if you are planning to sell your home, or will you stay in it for a few more years? If you do plan to sell soon, buy a garage door that improves the home’s curb appeal. Buying a garage door with windows can make the garage and home look better. It is also a good idea if you want to Start a Gym in The Garage. It looks good in person and in sales photos. The extra light that enters the garage will make the space look large and bright, attracting many prospects.

If anything, you can expect a 98% return on your investment when buying a new garage door and selling the home soon after. That goes to show you that people appreciate good-looking doors that are easy to operate.

Now, if you plan on staying in the home, then choose a garage door that you think looks good. If you think that a low-cost, metal garage door is good enough, then so be it. The same goes for if you want a large garage door with ornate stained glass windows!

Garage Doors Windows

Garage Doors Windows

Finally – What is the Garage Used For?

Practically, having a garage door with a window seems like a good idea. It can help warm up the garage when the sun is shining and make the garage door livable or usable in winter.

In summer, the garage can be used as a sort of cool spot to maybe watch the game or share a six-pack with friends. The garage can also be used as a workshop, workout space etc. Windows can save energy on lighting, giving you the opportunity to perform all types of maintenance work on the vehicle or work on hobbies.

If you need the extra natural light and live in a relatively safe neighborhood, then a garage door with windows makes sense. But you still need to make sure it is professionally installed, by experts like us and call a professional for repairs like Changing Faulty Cables.