Most people put off replacing their garage door until it’s necessary, waiting until the exterior is dingy or the door stops working.

On the other hand, curb appeal-conscious homeowners understand the importance of a statement garage door for a home’s outside.

Garage Doors Transformation

1. Thermacore® Insulated Steel Garage Doors

The home’s exterior pops thanks to the usage of a Thermacore Insulated Steel Garage Door that matches the rich brown colors of the house wonderfully! The warm Terra Brown door, which replaces the dreary tandoor, perfectly complements the home’s attributes. Additionally, the vertically aligned, clear large windows help emphasize the home’s overall elegance.

2. Traditional Wood Collection

Changing the material, color, and style of your garage door can make a huge difference in the exterior of your home. Thanks to the white garage door with four “two-over-two” windows, this home received a makeover. This door produced a coherent look and eye-catching curb appeal with its clean design and precise lines.

3. Impression Fiberglass Collection®

With the Impression Fiberglass garage door, you can create a modern yet inviting appearance. One of our clients (homeowner) upgraded from a bland grey door to our Model 983, which features Cherry wood grain treatments and six square Top Windows. The total aesthetic now captures your attention by providing a striking focal point.

4. Carriage House Collection

A standard garage door cannot compete with our unique Carriage House Style garage doors. This home’s facade finally got the missing detail and character it had been looking for. With so many alternatives, we upgraded it to a classic 302 style with white and clay paint finishes and square windows, which gave it an unrivaled sense of individuality. The inclusion of unique hinges and handles added another degree of attention-getting detail.

3 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Garage Door

3 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Garage Door

3 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Step 1

  • Clean + Prepare: To ensure that your garage door is ready for painting, give it a thorough washing.
  • Cleanse By Rinsing: After the degreaser has done its job, rinse the door thoroughly with water and let it dry. If you’re planning to paint the trim around the door, repeat the cleaning step.
  • Keep Your Driveway Safe: It’s not easy to remove paint from concrete. You can completely avoid this by setting down a tarp or a drop cloth.
  • It’s Time to Paint: Now that you’ve decided on your paint, it’s time to get started. Begin by brushing paint into all the recessed areas on the top half of the door.
  • Add Contrast With White Trim: To make the garage door and the house’s exterior feel bright and clean, paint the surfaces around it white.
  • Fill In The Cracks: Push paint into the surface’s fine, cracked textures using a brush. When finished, leave the door open to let all surfaces dry.

Step 2

  • It’s Time To Get Some Hardware. The magnetic hardware kit is by far the simplest and most cost-effective solution to upgrade your garage door, requiring little skill and minimal work.
  • Choose A Design For Your Layout. Unpack all your door hardware and figure out where it will go on the door.
  • Hinge Hardware for Layout. Use a measuring tape to uniformly space the hinge pieces on each side of the door once you have selected where they’ll go.
  • Precision Is Essential. Take your time and evenly put the magnets. From a distance, even the tiniest tilt will be evident.
  • Nail Head Accents are a fun way to dress up your nails. Now that the hardware seems in place add further complexity with magnetic nail head decorations.
  • Windows on a shoestring don’t stop there, though. Magnetic glass can also be added to your garage door.
  • Sized To Fit. Remove the sections you want to cut when you have finalized your layout and cut following the traced lines with scissors.
  • Could You Keep It In Place? Place the pieces back on the door now that they’ve been cut. Take your time and make sure everything is aligned properly, just as you did with the hardware.

Step 3

  • Plants As A-Frame. Beautiful vegetation will add curb appeal to your fancy new garage door.
  • Pre-drilled Holes. Pre-drill holes in the brick mortar for plant hangers.
  • Screws are used to secure the piece. Use screws designed for mortar or concrete to secure the plant hangers.
  • Plants Should Be Hung. Hang a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Pick plants that can withstand the quantity of light that your garage door area receives.

Bottom Line

With a garage door makeover, you can give your home and curb appeal the boost they have been missing. We understand that replacing or Transforming Your Garage Door can be a difficult task.

We recommend contacting Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair Of Lynwood for garage door services and transformations. However, substantial repairs can be costly, and interrupting the activity could endanger your family. A faulty garage door poses a significant threat to one’s health.

Regardless, the team at Elite Garage Door of Lynnwood must assist. If your garage door is beyond repair, their experts can assist you in coordinating an intense new style that complements your home.